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21 Million

People are Estimated to be
in Economic Slavery Worldwide

Worldwide, there are estimated to be at least 21 million people who are victims of forced labor, modern slavery and human trafficking. In addition, there are at least 300,000 child soldiers in 20 countries worldwide.  Eventually, we hope to expand our efforts to all of these areas and to deal in multiple countries.  In the Middle East and South Asia, the best estimates say there are over 2 1/2 million slaves in the Middle East and South Asia working in the Brick Kilns. There are many more if you consider all industries of economic slavery.

Why is freedom from economic slavery important?

The Middle East and South Asia, like so many other regions, does not have a strong social safety net like many Western countries do. When a person or a family falls on hard times, often as the result of sickness or death in the family, there is nothing to fall back on to ensure fair, humane treatment. Entire families become the collateral that are are sold into slavery to pay the debt.  The family then is responsible to do hard labor to not only pay off their loan, but to pay for their lodging and food at the brick kiln.  The remuneration for their work is well below fair wage.  As a result, very few are able to pay off their debt and often have to take additional loans just to pay their living expenses. It is systemic bondage.  The children often remain in slavery to pay off the debt of the parents and any additional debt that has been accrued. This kind of slavery, as most kinds of slavery, leads to multi generation bondage.

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